Release Notes

MailTags 2.3.1

October 7, 2009

MailTags 2.3.1 is a free update to MailTags 2 for Leopard and provides several bug fixes.

Snow Leopard Compatibility

  1. MailTags 2.3.1 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Look for the Snow Leopard compatible version of MailTags on our website.

Bug Fixes and Changes

  1. Fixed memory leaks in general

  2. Fixed numerous keyword issues.

  3. Rollbacked some keyword functionality (showing keyword counts and automatic keyword collection -- these features were not as accurate as desired and were creating significant CPU usage for some users.)

  4. Fixed issue where task/events with no name may get "Do Not Localize" label

  5. Fixed problem where iCal todo item's priorities would be inverted from ical priorities

  6. Fixed issue where headers for iCal items where not being properly set for subsequent edits of the tasks

MailTags 2.3

August 28, 2009

Snow Leopard Compatibility

  1. MailTags 2.3 is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). A MailTags Snow Leopard Compatiblity release will be available in early September 2009.

New Features/Enhancements

  1. Added HUD Notes Window to allow better editing

  2. Added View Conversation Menu item to Message Viewer Contextual menu - searches for dialog with sender

  3. Implemented Sparkle Support

  4. Open Meta Tagging. MailTags keywords are now mirrored in Open Meta Format. MailTags will also read keywords stored in Open Meta format.

  5. MailTags can now optionally collect and maintain a keyword usage count (in Preferences)

  6. Added Find and create smart mailboxes for projects and keywords (ctrl-click items in preferences)


  1. MailTags registration code is now hidden when valid registration code has been entered.

  2. Updated registration code system to now use eSellerate codes.

Bug Fixes


  1. Resolves all known stability issues

  2. Fixes numerous memory leaks in mdimporters


  1. Clearing all Tags now removes the X-MailTags header from the message (before it was just leaving no data after the : and some IMAP servers (such as seemed to be occasionally gagging on this.

  2. Fixed issue with JSON scanner misinterpreting string for dates

  3. Fixed issue where X-MailTags header could cause problems with strict IMAP servers

  4. Fixed issue with saving Tags to mobile me servers.

  5. Fixed issue where use could not remove tags on IMAP message when IMAP sync was turned off

  6. Fixed issue where MT was using the current time as the IMAP append date. The date of messages should not change when viewing tagged messages on other Mail clients (in particular iphones)

Menu Items

  1. Clear All Tags menu item now will clear tags set by extras (such as MTColor)

  2. Added Toggle Note as Subject to contextual menu

  3. Rules

  4. Fixed a vareity issues with rule criteria

  5. Fixed issue where originating keywords and projects criterion would not validate properly on rule editing.

  6. Fixed issue where originating keywords and projects criterion would not evaluate properly on running rules.

Smart MailBoxes

  1. "Equal to" searches are now more specific in criteria

  2. Fixed issue where "Message has to do" criteria was not working properly

  3. Fixed issue where Note contains criteria was not being restore properly when editing a smart mailbox

  4. Smart mailbox criteria "Does not contain" will now only consider those messages that have keywords/projects

  5. defaults write ca.indev.MailTags InclusiveCriteria 1
    to change behaviour to include messages that do not have keywords/projects


  1. Clear All button will now clear color

  2. Fixed issue with wrong color being saved when repeatedly setting color for message

  3. Fixed issue where receiving a message that has a MailTags MessageColor would not color message

  4. Fixed issue where color changes could not be undone.


  1. Fixed issue where setting an event end date to the same day as the start date meant difficulty in setting times

  2. Fixed issue where MailTags header data could be mistaken as Date data and be incorrectly interpreted

  3. Fixed numerous issues with Alarm interface and setting alarm times in calendar store.

  4. Fixes issue where the ical tasks of outgoing mail was not getting the appropriate URL when the message was being sent


  1. Fixed a problem where applescript definitions may not load, preventing apple script support .